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Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board Benefits

Welfare and Social Security Benefits for the registered workers of the Board


  1. Pension -{Sec. 22(1)(b) read with Rule 39}: After completion of 3 years as a beneficiary Rs. 1,000/- per month
  2. Disability Pension -{Sec. 22(1)(b) read with Rule 40}: Rs. 1,000/- per month and Ex gratia payment up to Rs. 2,00,000/- depending upon the percentage of
  3. Shrama Samarthya Tool kit-cum- Training Programme -{Sec. 22(1)(h) read with Rule 41}: Rs. 20,000/-
  4. Housing (Karmika Gruha Bhagya) {Sec. 22(1)(c) read with Rule 42} : 2,00,000/-
  5. Maternity Assistance (Thayi Lakshmi Bond)- {Sec. 22(1)(g) read with Rule 43}: Assistance of Rs. 30,000/-  in case of female child and a sum of Rs. 20,000/- in case of male child (for first two children only)
  6. Funeral Expenses: {Sec. 22(1)(h) read with Rule 44} Rs. 4,000/-to meet the funeral expenses of the deceased construction worker and Rs. 50,000/- as ex-gratia
  7. Educational Assistance - (Kalike Bhagya) {Sec. 22(1)(e) read with Rule 45}: ( Two children of the registered construction worker)
  • Passing 1st 2nd and 3rd  2,000/-
  • Passing 4th, 5th and 6th 3,000/-
  • Passing 7th & 8th 4,000/-
  • Passing 9th & 10th Std and 1st PUC Rs. 6,000/-
  • Passing II PUC Rs. 8,000/-
  • Passing I.T.I or 2 years Professional Diploma Course – Rs. 7,000/- (each year of passing)
  • Passing Degree Course – Rs.10,000/- (each year of passing)
  • Masters Degree – 20,000/- for entry and Rs.  10,000/- (each year of passing)
  • Entering into Engineering or Medical courses (B.E or MBBS on merit seat)- BE: Rs.25,000/- for entry and Rs. 20,000/- after each year of passing subject to the maximum number of years of the course.
  • MBBS: 30, 000/-for entry and Rs.25, 000/- after each year of passing subject to the maximum number of years of  the course.
  • Entry into Doctoral Research- 20,000/- after completion of every year (maximum 2 years) and thereafter, an additional Rs. 20,000/-after acceptance of thesis.


MERIT  ASSISTANCE :    1. Above 75% in SSLC or Equivalent Rs. 5,000/

                                         2. Above 75% in PUC or Equivalent Rs. 7,000/-

                                         3. Above 75% in Degree or Equivalent Rs. 10,000/-

                                         4. Above 75% in Masters Degree or Equivalent Rs. 15,000/-


  1. Medical Assistance ( Karmika Arogya Bhagya)- {Sec. 22(1)(f) read with Rule 46} : Rs. 300/- per day of hospitalization to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- for continuous period of hospitalization
  2. Accidental Death/ Permanent Disability-{Sec. 22(1)(a) read with Rule 47}: Up to Rs. 5,00,000/-
  3. Treatment of Major Ailments (Karmika Chikitsa Bhagya)- {Sec. 22(1)(f) read with Rule 48} : Upto ` 2,00,000/-: Treatment of Major Ailments viz. Heart Operation, Kidney Transplantation and Cancer, Eye Operation, Paralysis, Orthopedics Operation, Uterus Operation, Asthma, Miscarriage, Gall Bladder Ailments, Kidney Stone Removal, Brain Hemorrhage, Ulcer, Dialysis, Kidney Related Surgery, ENT Treatment & Surgery, Neurosurgery, Vascular Surgery, Esophagus Treatment & Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Breast Related Treatment and Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Appendix Surgery, Treatment of Factures / Dislocation, General Surgery. (Subject to C.G.H.S. Rates)
  4. Marriage Assistance (Gruha Lakshmi Bond)- {Sec. 22(1)(h) read with Rule 49} 50,000/-: Marriage Assistance to the beneficiary or to his 2 children.
  5. LPG connection to registered construction workers.( Karmika Anila Bhagya)-{Sec. 22(1)(h) read with Rule 49D} connection including a two burner stove and refill for his or her family
  6. BMTC bus pass-{Sec. 22(1)(h) read with Rule 49E} Assistance of free Bus Pass to registered construction workers to commute in Bengaluru Metropolitan Transportation Corporation (BMTC) buses
  7. KSRTC bus pass-{Sec. 22(1)(h) read with Rule 49 F}Assistance of free Student Bus Pass to children of registered construction workers travelling in KSRTC buses
  8. Assistance for pre-school education and nutritional support of the child of the registered woman construction worker -Thayi Magu Sahaya Hastha: –{Sec. 22(1)(g) read with Rule 43A} : Rs. 6000/-(at the rate of Rs. 500/- per month).

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